A walk in the woods


Just before New Year I went for a walk in the woods. I haven’t been in these woods for years, they’re near my childhood home in the village I grew up in and it couldn’t have been a better time of day to visit.

The sun was low and the mist had barely lifted all day and hung in the air like a magical, almost eerie, fog. Me and my Fiancé took our cameras and we were so glad we did; I took a few product photos of my tote bags, and then enjoyed the amazing surroundings. We decided that we should definitely go for more walks there as the seasons change, because there is nothing quite like going for a walk in amongst the trees.

A woodcut on the way…

After having a press in my studio for long enough now that it’s successfully gathered a film of dust, I decided it was time to put it to good use. I now have all the tools necessary to produce my first woodcut print, there is no excuse now!

Ice Cream

I delivered another batch of prints, mirrors and keyrings to the Southbank Centre Shop today and saw this sweet little ice cream van outside the Royal Festival Hall…I didn’t sample the ice cream though : (

Pillar box, snow

Yesterday I ventured out to post online orders, I put them in the postbox tentatively…hopefully they’re not still there and you will all get your purchases in time for Christmas! x