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My first post of 2016! I’m not the best at posting on my blog am I, I must make more of an effort to put things on here!

This is my favourite card from my latest range of greetings cards. I have always loved Swans and the fact that they mate for life, so lovely and romantic. I also rarely use colour in my work so this is lot of colour for me and that reason it’s my favourite.

New Notebooks

Notebook Press Image BLOG

I have something new to show you! These are my new notebooks! There are 4 different designs in the range and are inspired by my love for spring and new found passion for pattern making! I really enjoyed making these, they are something a bit different to my usual work and I’m trying to expand my way of working a bit so I hope you like them! They have 46 pages of ruled lines and printed onto recycled paper, they are available on my website, Etsy and Not On The High Street shops.

Notebook 4 BLOG Notebook 3 BLOG nest Notebook 1 BLOG

Something new

Cactus pic

I’ve been working a few new things lately including a new range of cards and trying out a new way of working for me that doesn’t rely on a black outline…this cactus probably won’t make it onto a card but I like not having the restriction of my usual outline around things sometimes.